Survey in Southern Cappadocia

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The archaeological survey in Southern Cappadocia is a middle term research project (five years). The project aims at mapping and dating all archaeological sites located on the slopes of Hasan and Melendiz mountains (Turkey). Very little is known about the past of this region, because historians and archaeologists devoted little attention to it until present times.
At the conclusion of the fourth campaign, the research activities in the region have shown the presence of a good number of archaeological sites dating from the Chalcolithic to the Middle Age. Although there are evidences of human occupation during this long period, there are also some hints concerning changes about the distribution and location of settlements.
The Archaeological Mission counts also a team of archaeometrists of the University of Pavia and actively cooperates with a team of sedimentologists of the University of Niğde. The geo-archaeological research, supported by a bilateral agreement between the two Universities, concerns the study of the different phases of extension and reduction of an ancient lake, nowadays dried up. This lake occupied a portion of the plain of Bor and  some settlements arose alongside its bank in ancient times.

Bor-Ereǧli plain with Taurus mountains

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by M.E. Balza and B.M. Tomassini Pieri
(last update March 2013)

Area of the survey

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