What is HoDeL ?

The Homeric Dependency* Lexicon (HoDeL) is a free-access resource and allows searching for Homeric verbal entries and their dependents. HoDeL is based on the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank (AGDT), provided by the Perseus Project.

* In HoDeL dependents are dependent nodes labeled as SBJ, OBJ, and PNOM in the AGDT. Dependents in HoDeL do not include ADV.

For more information regarding information retrieval from the AGDT, see ABOUT HoDeL.

Who created HoDeL?

HoDeL has been created at the University of Pavia (Pavia, Italy) by a team supervised by Silvia Luraghi. It has been partially funded by the Department of Humanities through the project Argumentstruktur in Texten. Typologische und diachrone Korpusuntersuchungen [Argument structure in texts. Diachronic and typological corpus research], promoted by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (Cologne, Germany).

Contact details at PEOPLE.

What is HoDeL for?

HoDeL is a user-friendly resource: with HoDeL users can easily retrieve information concerning a verbal form or lemma and its dependents (see What is HoDeL?). The queries incorporated in HoDeL allow searching Homeric texts starting either from a specific verbal entry or from a specific dependent. HoDeL provides searching filters that make possible to directly obtain information on dependents, simply starting from their verbal heads; vice versa, it is also possible to search for a dependent and directly obtain its head nodes.

The following filters can be applied to the query by verb: alphabetical order, frequency, Iliad/Odyssey (poem), lemma, form, verbal voice, number of dependents, and order of dependents. The following filters can be applied to the query by dependent: alphabetical order, frequency, Iliad/Odyssey (poem), type, token, dependent by relation, and kind of dependent.

Information on filters is available at HELP.

Who is HoDeL for?

Historical linguists, computational linguists, philologists, classical scholars, students of Classics and Linguistics, high school students, teachers of Ancient Greek.
If you want to cite HoDeL, we recommend the following citation:

Zanchi, Chiara, Eleonora Sausa and Silvia Luraghi (eds.). 2015. The Homeric Dependency Lexicon (HoDeL). http://studiumanistici.unipv.it/hodel/app/ last accessed on....

HoDeL is still under construction and is constantly being improved!
Please report any error or comment to our team. Contact details at PEOPLE.

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