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corso di Lingua inglese B c.p.

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 Dear Masters students, all those intending to follow the Lingua inglese B c.p. course this year.
Initially, I have organised a weekly online lesson on Thursdays, 11.00-13.00. The link for this lesson is the following:
Meeting ID: 830 3838 0796
Passcode: 633121

If you can join at our first lesson on October 8th, I shall be very happy to make your acquaintance online.
I am well aware that this might not be an optimal time for your busy schedules, and am prepared to negotiate an alternative time slot, should that be necessary.
If you cannot attend this first lesson, but would be interested in following the course at some stage, please contact me by email (rmorley@unipv.it).
I have also set up a FaceBook page (Morley UniPv 20-21), for all my students, as this has proved the most efficient way to share information in the past. If you 'like' this page it will enable you to follow any information regarding the course, which I will prelude with the word 'Postgrads'.
Finally, the course has the dual aim of providing you with practice in writing subtitles and being an English language maintenance course - but more on the course content at our first lesson...

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