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Prof. Ferdinando Borsa is full professor at the University of Pavia since 1977 and is emeritus professor at the Iowa State University, Ames USA. He has taught Medical Physics, Physics for biology and Mechanics.in Pavia and General Physics and Modern Physics at Iowa State University. .He is author of two textbooks in Physics for Biosciences . He has conducted a vigorous research activity both at the University of Pavia ( INFM) and at Iowa State University ( Ames Lab ). He has several collaborations in France, Switzerland and Japan .He has coauthored more than 200 papers in international journals including several review papers and book chapters. He has directed two Schools on magnetism, he was in the International Committee of several International Conferences and has been invited to give about 20 plenary talks.. He has directed several research projects both in Italy and in USA as principal investigator and national coordinator e.g. FIRB,PRIN , Cariplo Foundation, D.O.E grants .He has been engaged in research in the field of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as primary technique of investigation. He has obtained important results in the study of magnetic and structural phase transitions and in the study of the magnetic properties and spin dynamics of HTSC superconductors and low dimensional magnetic systems including molecular nanomagnets. He was named fellow of the American Physical Society ( 2001).

Progetti di ricerca

1)Titolo del progetto di ricerca: Effetti topologici ed entanglement in catene e clusters molecolari di spin PRIN 2008 - Unita' di Ricerca : Modena, Parma,Pavia,Firenze Responsabile L(ocale e Nazionale : Ferdinando Borsa

2) Titolo del progetto di ricerca : Cratterizzazione di nanomagneti molecolari per MRI nel trattamento tumorale per cattura neutronca (NTC) con particolare enfasi per la BNTC. Fondazione Cariplo 2009 - Unita' di ricerca di Chimica( Prof.Vidari),Medicina( Prof.Dionigi),Fisica Nucleare (Prof. Altieri), Fisica NMR ( prof.Borsa) Responsable del progetto : Ferdinando Borsa



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